AccSoft Modules

With the advancement in technology, institutions need a comprehensive system that can manage all aspects of their operations on a single platform. The academic module of this Accsoft serves as a learning management system that enables educators to create and manage courses, evaluate student performance, and provide feedback. The administrative module, on the other hand, helps manage the everyday operations of the institution, such as student admission, fees management, library services, and inventory management. With this ERP, institutions can streamline their processes, improve information accuracy, and reduce errors that can negatively impact their operations

Academic Modules

Streamline your admissions process with accsoft and never miss out on potential students again.

Enhance Learning Outcomes, Efficiency & Effectiveness with accsoft.

Smart & Automated Result Processing with assured accuracy and on-time result guarantee.

Equip your Students with Skills & Opportunities and give them the best shot at placements by streamlining the complete placement setup process.

Starting from creation to approval, experience the complete lifecycle of all university forms, also integrated with university systems to provide a unified experience

A One-Stop Solution to Manage Students & their Progress, keep track of student information, academic progress, and communications with accsoft.

Accsoft allows for easy book and resource tracking, as well as a simplified borrowing and returning process.

Keep students, staff, and parents informed and engaged with our all-encompassing communication management system.

Conduct Seamless Online Exams & Assessments that are efficient and paper free .
Administrative Modules

Keep track of student fees and payments, allowing users to view receipts and ledgers including integrated payment methods.

Keep your HR workflow organized and efficient; from Hiring to Tour management, find the complete ecosystem.

From automated payroll calculations to viewing payslips and more - all in a single user friendly interface, save time and reduce errors.

Keep track of all your institute's equipment, materials, and assets with our tailor-made inventory and assets management system.

Improves the day-to-day operations of your hostel by keeping track of hostel attendances, consumptions and hassle free allotment process.

Track transport schedules and usage efficiently with our customizable transport management system.

With the gate management solution, enhances the security of your campus by automating the gate entrance and exit processes.