NEP Enabled
Accsoft 2.0, a solution specifically designed to align with the directives of the National Education Policy. It seamlessly synchronizes with the educational system and pedagogical approaches , enabling educators to optimize student engagement and assimilation.

Mobile Application
Upgrade your learning journey with Accsoft 2.0 and its user-friendly mobile app, granting you effortless access to vital information anytime and anywhere.

Revamp your communication approach with Accsoft 2.0 - complete with a superior communication module to seamlessly link students, educators, and parents together. Experience a hassle-free communication system unlike any other.

Online Examination
Accsoft 2.0, a comprehensive educational ERP, offers the cutting-edge feature of online examination, allowing educational institutions to conduct hassle-free, secure and highly-efficient exams that can be easily managed and graded through the online Exam portal

Accsoft 2.0 simplifies academic classromm process and enhances knowledge dissemination by providing a complete learning management system with features of course creation, online assessment, progress tracking, and efficient content delivery.


AccSoft 2.0 Modules

Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Excellence with Accsoft 2.0

AccSoft 2.0 Mobile App

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Accsoft 2.0's user-friendly mobile app service offers students convenient access to their academic journey from any location, at all times, empowering them to stay connected and engaged with their coursework.


Accsoft 2.0's mobile app platform is tailor-made to meet the diverse requirements of personnels, enhancing their productivity through efficient communication, task assignment, and resource management features, specifically designed for teachers, administrators, and Heads of Departments.


Accsoft 2.0s incorporation of academic and administrative data in a centralized location enables seamless access to pertinent institutional information with just a single click, allowing management to swiftly access the institute's information with minimal effort.


Accsoft 2.0s Alumi app fosters strong connections and collaboration among alumni, leveraging their invaluable relationships with their Alma mater and fellow alumni, by providing convenient and accessible opportunities to connect anytime and anywhere.


SMS Communication

Accsoft includes SMS integration for efficient communication, ensuring timely notifications.

E Mail Communication

Email integration within accsoft permits swift dissemination of important updates.

Whats App Communication

Communicate with stakeholders using WhatsApp through Accsoft, enabling efficient sharing of messages.

Accsoft2.0 Portal Communication

Communicating through the Accsoft portal offers a secure yet convenient platform for sharing information

Accsoft2.0 App Communication

With mobile app compatibility, accsoft provides on-the-go convenience for communication.